Listing Categories

There are two listing categories for a Vendor to consider: a Sole listing or an Open listing.

Sole Listings:

There are clear benefits should you choose to work with an Agent on a Sole listing basis.

  • A Sole listing dictates that the property will be listed with one Agent only.
  • All other Agencies will be invited to work with the Sole agent on a co-brokerage basis. Should a sale result, the commission is shared between the two Agencies in accordance with the guidelines established by the Real Estate Division of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Vendor is relieved from having to coordinate and keep track of showings with numerous Agencies and having to give out multiple keys.
  • The Sole Agent will:
    • Market the property for sale
    • Conduct all showings whether directly or through a co-broking Agent
    • Handle all negotiations
    • Draft the sale and purchase agreements
  • All appointments are booked through and monitored by the Sole Agent who will be on site for every showing to ensure your property is accurately and professionally represented.
  • Under a Sole listing the Vendor agrees not to participate in the sales process and any private enquiries are directed to the Sole Agent; the Vendor will pay a commission on the sale even if they introduce the Purchaser.
Open Listings:
  • An Open Listing enables a Vendor to list on a direct basis with multiple Agents.
  • No commission is payable if the Vendor sells the property privately.
  • Whichever Agent is successful in securing a Purchaser is entitled to the full commission.
  • All of the other services listed above are provided by our Agency under an Open Listing agreement.

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